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great customer services RUBBISH...

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great customer services RUBBISH...

i am having BB speed faults all week (3.5) dwnload speed ), i contacted an online plusnet chat guy name [Removed] who wanted to bill me £50 for a engineer told me my issue was down to a ethernet cable. and told me he could not help me (VERY RUDE ) unless i used an ethernet cable as that was my "fault" paid £15 for cable and , yes its still the same ..
i then phoned and the guy  reset my line. but only got 5mb dwnload .
so i phoned today  was on phone for 30 min. . the 1st guy told me it was a fault on the line  and i could be billed £50 for an engineer , and that he didnt know what else to do , and was RUDE so when i asked him for his name he refused to give me it , found out it was a guy called  ([Removed]) and refused to put me on to his supervisor , got an engineer (nice enough) increased sspeed and told to run for 24 hours see what happens .
 so im still waiting to see if my line is fixed
MEANTIME I THINK WE SHOULD START TO NAME AND SHAME THERE customer service ppl who treat us badly
i will start
your attitude stinks
also i emailed the Chief exec. of plusnet
awaiting a reply
and i think we should all start emailing him to tell him of his staffs incompetence
see what he replies
the time they leave us waiting on the phone ( 08005872677) you get through straight away but they put you on hold for ages
Plusnet advertise BB that loves you ack and that they have a great customer service
Well thats certainly not my experince when contacting them.
after talking to [Removed] i found my password had been changed and i had to reset it Huh

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav) CSA name removed as per Forum rules and moved to a private area that staff can see

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Re: great customer services RUBBISH...

Editing and censoring m y post ?

what happened to free speech ?

anyway anyone wanting the info i will be tweeting it on twitter or they can pm me

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Re: great customer services RUBBISH...


What about reading the forum rules first! As much as I understand your anger, if you posted a bit more reasonably, then there would be an unlimited amount of help, and explanation of the problems, why's and wherefore's and how to get the best out of what sometimes seems incredibly bad service - but a lot of this impression is generally due to a lack of detailed knowledge about the technical issues.

I seem to recall helping you with your previous problem, and my suspicion is you have an intermittent line problem returned, and they can be a real pig to find sometimes.

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Re: great customer services RUBBISH...

I have read the rules  .

i wouldnt  be angry if the staff done thier job right and not been rude, they should be reprimanded for giving misleading information and bieng rude to customeras, or does  plusnet condone that sort of practice

I was was told by engineer my line was ok but the rude guy on the phone says there was a fault (whos right )

as for the line fault bieng a  real pig to find sometimes.thats not my problem its plusnets , and if the line is faulty , dont you agree that if i have a faulty line then i should not be charged for it , not to much to ask is it ?

as for lack of detailed knowledge  that insinuates i may be stupid , well im not , ii know when someone is bieng rude and trying to fob me of

all the customer service staff do is try to put ppl off by saying they need an engineer and could be charged £50 rather than try to solve the issue

as for helping me b4 , yes you were very helpful and it was appreciated and still is, u could teach them a thing or to about manners

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Re: great customer services RUBBISH...

I'll tell you now, if I get really annoyed, they won't want to know my manners, and there are odd occasions when it has come very close to it! The problem is that the first line support staff that you tend to encounter when initially reporting a fault, are generally not technically qualified and, well, to be frank, the training has a lot to be desired. We've criticised Plusnet before about this, and will no doubt criticise them again, and there are other ISPs who are a lot worse.
They work from their crib sheets/screens etc and all too frequently when a problem is a bit beyond what those help screens say, some will try to use their often mistaken ideas about an issue and give responses that are off the wall!

Now to be clear about lack of detailed knowledge, it doesn't insinuate you are stupid at all. It was quite obvious from your previous problem that when something was explained you understood. But the average man in the street will not have the technical knowledge and there are some that won't even want it explaining, as technical stuff just goes over their head.

To some specifics. Where there is an intermittent fault, one minute you can test the line and see a fault, and at another, the test will pass and no fault is seen. Hence you can get the two different responses that you've had. Whatever, there's no excuse for any of them to be rude. Hopefully one of the Help Team will look into that for you and try and find out what happened.

You won't automatically be charged £50 just because an engineer is needed. That obviously wasn't explained well. If there is clear evidence of a fault from Plusnet's testing etc. provided you've done all the correct things like, plug into the Test socket (or master socket if there is no test socket)  and confirm the fault continues and Plusnet can see fault conditions from their data and tests, then if they decide to send an engineer, even if he can't find a fault, it is unlikely that they will even try and charge you. The trick is to make sure you have done all the things you should do, and advised to do by Plusnet, and that they have evidence or data that shows a fault has been present.

If you remember how to get the DSL stats from your modem/router that would be a good place to start. If you can't remember, don't worry, I'll help you find them. Just let me know which modem/router you are currently using.

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Re: great customer services RUBBISH...

1st of all i owe u an apology,. I thought u worked for plusnet , apologies...

it seems that if the cus. ser. cant fix the prob. its easier to tell the customer that eng. needed could cost u £50 . that automatically makes the customer feel vulnerable and sit with the fault rather than pursue the problem .. thats bad practice and plusnet know its happening because "we" are disscusing it now , and as for line probs. then the cust. should be reinbursed ,

intermittent fault,

i feel rather that pay openreach to check and FIX the line they  tell the customer it might be thier fault and will be charged £50 for aa home visit . (never mind the £17 ) we pay for rental of a line we wouldnt use other than for BB (no phone calls )

RUDE seems to be something that the cust. serv. are beginnig to be because they either dont have the knowlege or are getting frustrated by a high number of calls and issues because plusnet have got "thier eye of the ball"

these are my stats ( i think )

again appologies and i didnt mean to be offencive to u

u should get a job with them teach them right from wwrongs



IF my password was changed by a plusnet employee , i think thats an abuse of power and a security breach  and they should be sacked  ( should at least be looked into by plusnet ),.. "zero tollerence " for breachwes of trust .


Mode: ADSL_2plus    
Traffic Type: ATM    
Status: Up    
Link Power State: L0    
  Downstream Upstream    
Line Coding(Trellis): On On    
SNR Margin (1 dB): 5.0 5.5    
Attenuation (1 dB): 40.0 24.2    
Output Power (1 dBm): 0.0 12.6    
Attainable Rate (Kbps): 7712 528    
  Path 0   Path 1  
  Downstream Upstream Downstream Upstream
Rate (Kbps): 7971 445 0 0
MSGc (# of bytes in overhead channel message): 59 69 0 0
B (# of bytes in Mux Data Frame): 249 13 0 0
M (# of Mux Data Frames in FEC Data Frame): 1 1 0 0
T (Mux Data Frames over sync bytes): 1 1 0 0
R (# of check bytes in FEC Data Frame): 0 0 0 0
S (ratio of FEC over PMD Data Frame length): 0.9995 0.9333 0.0 0.0
L (# of bits in PMD Data Frame): 2001 120 0 0
D (interleaver depth): 1 1 0 0
Delay (msec): 0 0 0.0 0.0
INP (DMT symbol): 0.00 0.00 0.0 0.0
Super Frames: 0 0 0 0
Super Frame Errors: 69374 5 0 0
RS Words: 0 2290404 0 0
RS Correctable Errors: 0 0 0 0
RS Uncorrectable Errors: 0 0 0 0
HEC Errors: 1257550 3 0 0
OCD Errors: 10615 0 0 0
LCD Errors: 10615 0 0 0
Total Cells: 264808808 15268210 0 0
Data Cells: 911542 206458 0 0
Bit Errors: 0 109 0 0
Total ES: 6127 5    
Total SES: 1118 0    
Total UAS: 619 227    



wwe read this about a "security breach" by an employee and i have heard nothing from plusnet and they have not responded on the forum saying they will investigate . all they have done is remove the "employees"  name and anything incriminating about breach under "forum rules" thats iffy !!


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Re: great customer services RUBBISH...

Yes that's your stats OK, the only other thing that could have been useful would have been the Uptime and the Showtime. Do you remember roughly when it was last rebooted?
The sync speed (that's your connection to the exchange) is down a little bit from the last stats you posted before. That might be due to the intermittent fault causing some noise.

Remember to do the Quiet Line Test 17070 option 2 periodically, to listen for crackling or other odd noises on the line, but especially when you notice any problem with the broadband. If you hear noises or have any problems with incoming or outgoing calls then your fault needs to be treated as a phone fault rather than a Broadband one, because a faulty phone line will give bad broadband.

That sync speed will give an IP Profile of 7.03Mbps so your Current Line speed (login required) should match that.

Which password do you think they changed John? I was wondering if you might be getting muddled up with your password for your Plusnet account, and the one for the Forum (which you may have made the same) and the one to log into the modem/router (on the plastic card/label). Is would be unusual for a password to be changed. Anyway the employee's name(s) that have been removed have been put on a hidden board where staff can see it, and also note that the moderators (who did it) are Plusnet customers as well Wink

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Re: great customer services RUBBISH...

it has been rebooted on plusnets advie half a dozen times since fault occurd

Remember to do the Quiet Line Test

i dont have a landline phone (shouldnt need to 4 BB ) i rent the line not the phone ? (thier responsability ) !


Estimated line speed:There's no speed estimate currently held on your account.Current line speed:8.1 Mb

this is what i get


dwnld 6.63





password was the 1 "THEY" asked for .

"THERE IS  NO DOUT MY PASSWORD WAS CHANGED " as i forgot it and reset it by plusnet  by email the night b4 Huh


Board ID: Fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HardWare Version: F@xxxxx
Serial Number: N7151031B002259 
Mac Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Build Timestamp: 1x
Software Version: 7.275.2_F2704N_Plusnet
Bootloader (CFE) Version: 7.275.2
DSL PHY and Driver Version: A2pG039f2.d25b
Wireless Driver Version:
Uptime: 0D 0H 24M 20S

This information reflects the current status of your 'WAN' connection.

Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 445
Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 7872
ShowtimeStart (seconds) 1391
LAN IPv4 Address:
WAN IPv4 Address:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:
LAN IPv6 ULA Address:  
Default IPv6 Gateway:  
Primary IPv6 DNS Server:  
Secondary IPv6 DNS Server:  
Date/Time: Tue Apr 26 22:50:49 2016 







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Re: great customer services RUBBISH...

Let me assure you, no password has been changed by ourselves.


My colleague is having a good look through your account as there's a few issues that you've raised. I am in contact with him, and he'll get back to you today. In the meantime, I'm also keeping a beady eye on your account.



ex-Plusnet staffer. Any posts after 28/07/2017 aren't on behalf of Plusnet
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Re: great customer services RUBBISH...

Thanks for the extra information. It looks as though you rebooted about 20 minutes before posting that. I'd be a bit careful about rebooting though.
With the problem that you already have in all probability with the line, in an attempt to stabilise the connection DLM will think that things are worse than they may be and possibly band (limit) the speed or raise the Target SNRM both with the same outcome - slower speed.

glesgajohn wrote:
i dont have a landline phone (shouldnt need to 4 BB ) i rent the line not the phone ? (thier responsability ) !

Whilst I understand where you are coming from, this is perhaps where a better understanding of things may help.

As mentioned earlier "a faulty phone line will give bad broadband". In general, today's cheap broadband is essentially a "self-install" thing. People expect to just plug things in and get the advertised speeds. What often they don't realise is that if they have a faulty line, or eg. old standard internal wiring etc. this can periodically or even permanently impact the broadband and give bad performance and people often think it's the iSP who has done this.

Also in today's age of cheap broadband, when a fault arises, a certain amount of self-help/diagnosis is needed to try and determine the "ball-park" in which the fault lies - eg. Is it the customer's installation, is it the connection to the exchange (the phone line), or is it in the broadband network (the exchange and upstream to the ISP and onwards).
To do this, the End User (the ISP's customer) EU for short, has to do several things like -
1) try and check the phone line is working correctly and is free of obvious noise - if it's not then the fault needs to be addressed by whoever gets payment for line rental and they should get Openreach to investigate and fix
2) plug into the test socket, try swapping filters, maybe swap modem/routers - this to eliminate their own equipment and wiring which is their responsibility

Now if EU's do not wish to do this sort of thing at all, their best option would be to use a more expensive ISP who has better SLAs - that's Service Level Agreements (hence more expensive) who then task their providers eg. Openreach and BT Wholesale to go and fully investigate/assess a fault and fix it without any input from the EU except perhaps with a simple yes it's working OK now, or it's not.

I thoroughly recommend that you get yourself a cheap (about a fiver) corded phone from somewhere like Argos or similar, even online like ebay (but check it's got a guarantee).

As for the password issue, although Matty has commented above, as you now have a separate thread here where Matty has posted, I'll comment briefly over there.