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change router for fibre?

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change router for fibre?

I've had the 40mb essentials fibre for the last year and have just upgraded to the unlimited 76mb service. I have the standard plusnet router in one corner of the house (in the study) and an old BT home hub 2 working as an access point in the other corner of the house, which gives me pretty good wifi coverage.
Since moving to the unlimited fibre last weekend, the download speed has varied a fair bit - anything from ~30-65mb (wired). Upload speed has been good at around 12mb+
Wireless speeds, even on a laptop with an "N" compatible wireless card right next to the router doesn't really go much above 25-30mb.
I have a couple of questions:
1. Will my download speed settle down after 10 days or so (as per a new install)?
2. I'm thinking of possibly replacing the plusnet router with an Asus RT-N56U. Will this improve my general speed, or just improve the wireless speed? If I have access to potentially a ~50mb fibre connection, it seems a shame to only be able to use half that speed wirelessly, which I currently have with the plusnet router. Or am I being ambitious to think that I'll get a 50mb speed wirelessly, no matter what router I have?
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Re: change router for fibre?

I use the Asus & it made a tremendous difference to my wireless speed & coverage.