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broadband going up and down

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broadband going up and down

I'm getting suspicious of plusnet and what may be going on with their service. My adsl broadband has been going up and down like a yoyo for two weeks after being rock solid for two years. I use a cisco 2651XM router and as a rule cisco are the best and very reliable, but I even changed to another cisoco 2651xm I have and still the broadband is going up and down. And when I came to this forum I see plenty of posts about the service going off and on. What's going on?
My area is listed as ready for fttc December this year and I know that service providers have been known to 'play' with the service just before they're about release the next upgrade. They deliberately give their customers problems and when the customer complains they use this opportunity to sell them the upgrade. If this is your game plusnet you'll not pull the wool over my eyes and don't tell me service providers don't do this because I know they do.
Now....what is going on with your broadband service?
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Re: broadband going up and down

Hi neuronetv,
Sorry to hear that you've been seeing connection issues. I've taken a look over your account ans can see that you've been in touch recently however there hasn't been a fault raised with our support team or via the Broadband Faults Troubleshooter which means we haven't been able to investigate this for you.
If you're able to raise a fault with us we can then have some tests run on the line to see if there are any issues with either the broadband or phone service for you. The link above should run you through some checks that you can perform yourself and will help to rule out any internal issue at your property, if none of the checks or tests improve the situation, we can then have the supplier investigate further.
From looking at your connection logs below, it certainly looks like you've seen some periods of chronic drops, none of which seem to hold any kind of uniformed patterns.
<img src=""/>