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accessing old technicolor TG582n router settings

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accessing old technicolor TG582n router settings

I want to extend my wifi through my house with very thick walls by using powerline adapters and my old plusnet wifi router TG582n.  But if I follow some online instructions how to do this I can't get past the first step - changing the settings on the second router.  I connect it with an ethernet cable to my laptop, log into the router but then it tells me DSL is not connected and I can't get into the settings pages - any ideas?
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Re: accessing old technicolor TG582n router settings

Im currently running like this:
Plusnet TG582n router in master socket, connected to a powerline adaptor, wifi Extremly good near TG582n
Second powerline adaptor connected to PC ( wired) second powerline adaptor also has wifi built in.
Im guessing that you are trying to do this:
New( own supplied ) router to powerline adaptor 1, Old TG582n in powerline adaptor 2, and you are trying to get the TG582n to act as a wifi access point.
My TG582n was recently updated to the 10.2.2.B  and has a setting called Wan sensing, im guessing this is what could help you.
Otherwise your best option would be a powerline ( homeplug) with built in wifi