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Xbox Support Chat blaming ISPs when it could be network config on the 360

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Xbox Support Chat blaming ISPs when it could be network config on the 360

I was trying to install the Lovefilm app on my Xbox 360 and got the error code "Status code: 80004005" restarted the 360 error code persisted. I looked up the error code  here here is a quote from the page at the time of writing this.

If you’re seeing this message and error code, it means that you cannot access the Games Store or the Apps Store through your Xbox 360 console.
Some Internet connection types and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot provide access to the Games Store or the Apps Store.
Note We are aware of this issue and working with the affected ISPs to resolve the problem.
To resolve this issue, try the following solutions:
Solution 1: Use the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on
You can purchase items from and add them to your console’s download queue. Here’s how:
    In the upper right-hand corner, click Sign In.
    Type the email address and password that you used when you signed up for Xbox LIVE.
    Note This is your Microsoft account.
    Click Games, and then browse the games, add-ons or avatar items to find something that you want to download.
    Click Download to Xbox 360.
The next time you turn on your console, the content will start downloading on your console."

Now there is no where to click to download so I decided to see if Xbox Support Chat could help me.

“If your request concerns current problems connecting to Xbox LIVE, please close your chat session for now, as our agents don't have any more information. We are aware of the issue and will provide status updates at Thank you.”
Privacy Statement
You are now chatting with 'Natalie'.
Natalie: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Natalie. Please give me a moment to review your question.
Natalie: Hey Matt! How are you today?
Matt: good thank you I am having trouble installing the lovefilm app to my xbox 360
Natalie: I am sorry you are having an issue with that. So, you are getting an error when you try to install the application?
Matt: I am getting error code: 80004005
Natalie: Let me take a look at that error really quick and we can go from there.
Natalie: Ok, I did check on this for you. Who is your internet service provider?
Matt: Plus net
Matt: I can install other apps so I did read up about the problem it is strange it only effects that app
Natalie: This error is from certain internet serivce providers. So, currently Microsoft is working on the issue and it is only with certain applications. So, what we are recommending is if you can download the app using another internet connection...maybe at a friends house.
Matt: that is not possible
Matt: it says I can do this Click Games, and then browse the games, add-ons or avatar items to find something that you want to download. Click Download to Xbox 360.
Matt: but there is no link to download
Natalie: Correct, we have no resolution at this time. I know Microsoft is working on it though. We can try to reset your network settings and then try again if you would like.
Matt: ok lets try that
Natalie: Sure, let me get you the steps to do that.
Natalie: Press your guide button> settings>system settings>network settings>choose your network>configure network>additional settings>restore to factory default. Click yes to confirm. Once this is done, restart your console.
Matt: It is now started downloading so it was not an ISP problem after all. You should be carefull who you blame for the problem and this needs to be added to potential fixes for this error code
Natalie: I have the error is due to the internet service provider so, I was not intentionally blaming anyone. But, I am glad you could download it.
Matt: thanks but this does still need to be added to error codes solution page as it has solved it for me and it may for others. The support page for the error code blames it soly on ISPs which it should not because that was not the problem in my case
Natalie: I have sent my supervisor the information so hopefully they will update it. Hopefully there will be no issues after you download it and it is smooth sailing from there.
Matt: Everything is working fine thank you.
Natalie: You are welcome! Have a great day!!
Natalie: Thanks for stopping by to chat! To exit this chat session, please click on the circular "X" button above the avatar photo on the upper right hand corner.
It looks like this: near the top of the chat window. Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support and for being a valued member of the Xbox Community. I hope you have a great day!
Chat session has been ended by the agent.

So Xbox Support first idea is to blame ISPs first when it is just that network config got screwed up on the xbox by itself
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Xbox Support Chat blaming ISPs when it could be network config on the 360

Agreed, I can't see how any ISP could have caused that, doesn't sound like they were able to give you the best support IMO I'd pass on some feedback if you get the opportunity.
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 Adam Walker
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