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Wireless access control TG582n

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Wireless access control TG582n

Help Assistant lists,  under how to change wireless settings,  "Allow New Devices - control how new computers connect to your wireless network".  On a previous router (Netgear) I had this set to connect only with devices whose MAC was registered on the router.  However, when I change the TG582n to this setting, it asks registered devices trying to connect for the password, and when that is input, simply fails to give them access - no indication of why.  Plusnet support claim this is "an advanced function" - queHuh - which they don't support, but sent me a replacement router to try.  This did exactly the same thing.
Anybody any idea why this is happening/found a solution?
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Re: Wireless access control TG582n

Hi MM08
There is probably more than one way of doing this but I suggest you try:-
Set-up the basic Wireless connection details.
Input the wireless net Name (SSID) and password into each device you wish to use.
Connect and use each device via the wireless network.
Go to Home Network/Devices and configure each device, making sure the address is set to Static and Allowed On LAN is ticked (I believe this is the equivalent of 'Wireless MAC Filtering, but I could be wrong).
Hope this works ok for you.