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Wireless Router

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Wireless Router

We are in the process of switching from Sky broadband to Plusnet 60gb Plus and phone line. The broadband is due to go live this coming Friday and the phone in abot a months time. Today our Plusnet router was delivered, and i was i must say a little disapointed, ok we have not used it as yet, but i was at least hoping for something with and external ariel, mainly as we have had problems with our Sky router and poor wireless signal, this to has no external ariel, and we were not allowed to use a different router with Sky. Should the wireless signal not be good enough am i right in thinking i can buy a better router and use that instead, i may be wrong in writing this router off before i try it, my inlaws are with Plusnet and the router supplied to them is completely different and gives a really strong wireless signal throughout there house, so when i opened the box this morning i was hoping for the same model.
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Re: Wireless Router

If you don't get on well with the supplied TG582n router you can purchase and use a different one,  just be aware that should you need tech support and contact Plusnet they may not be familiar with the router you buy.
Of course someone on the forums may be able to help if you have some small issues and ask on here.
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