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Wireless Key not working

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Registered: ‎26-02-2011

Wireless Key not working

I'm trying to connect my PS3 to the internet and it won't pick up the wireless key im entering
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Registered: ‎16-06-2010

Re: Wireless Key not working

Hi Sumsio,
double check your password in the router..
You can change/check the wireless password by:
For Checking
1.Type into a browser address bar
2. If prompted enter username: admin
                            Password: CP********* (found under a bar code on the underside of your router)
3. from the left menu select 'Home Network'
4. In the center left click 'WLAN PlusnetWireless'. This will take you to a page entitled Wireless Access Point.
5. At the top right of the page click on 'Configure'
6. Near the bottom of this page you will see WPA-PSK Encryption key (this will say WEP if you are using WEP security)
To Change
7. You can clear the field and add your own password
8. Click apply.

Jojo Smiley