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Why is my IP address not changing?

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Why is my IP address not changing?



I've had the same IP address for weeks, I've tried to get another dynamic IP assigned by rebooting the router but I keep getting assigned the same IP.

I've just been on the phone to support who confirm that I do not have a static IP.

Why is this happening?

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Re: Why is my IP address not changing?

@TCP443  because IP addresses are now allocated from smaller 'local' pools, so the chances of getting a different address when disconnecting/reconnecting are lower.

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Re: Why is my IP address not changing?

Wondered about this myself as I like to keep Google guessing. While rebooting the router no longer produces an instant IP change, I find that turning it off for an hour or so does the trick.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Why is my IP address not changing?

Hey @TCP443,


Due to the nature of the way our networks set up rebooting the router won't necessarily give you a different IP address, it may be worth giving what @Longliner suggests a go. Just to clarify though this may start to affect the automatic settings on our suppliers side as it would be interpreted as drops in connection if done to often.



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