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Why can't Plusnet answer my questions re poor speeds (2.8/0.6)?

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Why can't Plusnet answer my questions re poor speeds (2.8/0.6)?

Just about at the end of my tether.... internet barely usable, keeps dropping off, every 'solution' Plusnet comes up with means another drop in speeds. Any advice please?

We joined Plusnet in Jan this year, with fibre although we knew it would not be very high speed as we are far away from the exchange (and rural). Previous standard speeds were about 4 - 5Mb download, 1.2 upload. With Plusnet fibre it went to 8 - 10 download, but upload dropped to about 0.2. Very poor and unusable really. After contacting Plusnet and doing the necessary tests, we had the engineer out, said no faults in our home or at the exchange etc. (BT fitted new master socket last year btw). The engineer said we should go back to standard broadband and we should get the speeds we had prior to using Plusnet. So we agreed with PN to go back to a standard contract, and they also assured us we would go back to the previous speeds. It has not, it now varies from about 2Mb/0.08 to a maximum of about 3.5Mb/0.6. So basically about half the standard speeds we had up to the day before joining Plusnet - we keep daily records of speed now.

After many painful 'chats' and 'tickets' with Plusnet 'customer support', also tried Facebook as that's quicker - they say they have tried different things but everything makes the speed lower. They promise callbacks which never materialise, say now they can do nothing more and that they give no promises regarding minimum speed. They do not answer my questions as to what could have caused this. They will not let me cancel the contract. I am at my wits end ... I work online using skype, which always been fine with previous providers. Not with Plusnet. Any ideas? Thinking of formal complaint to Ombudsman etc?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Why can't Plusnet answer my questions re poor speeds (2.8/0.6)?

Hi @elizabethgrv

I've just responded to your Facebook message.

Can you take a look at the ticket I've sent you on your account, click here to view it.

Please don't hesitate to reply, however I would suggest doing so via the ticket function as it allows us to go into much more account specific information which I would not be comfortable to post on the Forum, or discuss over Social Media (even though we were conversing via Private Message).

Thanks a lot,


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