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Which service to upgrade to for best speed

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Which service to upgrade to for best speed

If this is the wrong place to post apologies & mods please move to a better suited spot - I could not immediately see one.
I have been with PN for years on Broadband Premier Option 1 and until a couple of months back (interestingly when Mrs AlEebee discovered Facebook  Sad ) had no major problems. I do a reasonable bit of surfing, uploading/downloading & #2 son spends probably far too long gaming online.
Recently we have been hitting Level 1/2 management by 1/2 to 2/3 through the month and getting close to or hitting Level 3 with a few days to go to the end of the month.
This is getting ridiculous.

  • Last night a speed test showed me lucky to get 785 kbps down & 97 kbps up at 22:10

  • This morning at 06:00 I got 6Mbps down & 345 kbps up; and

  • when I checked when I got home this evening @ 20:00 it was down to 114 kbps down & 52 kbps up - yes you read that right

Now I know that the management gets speeds throttled back but this is getting crazy and I need to upgrade to something that will handle the usage, and particularly gaming use, with a reasonable speed.
Looking at the quoted d/l figures

  • PN Value is absolutely no use to me at all

  • PN Pro has the speed but nowhere near the usage my history shows in recent months; leaving

  • PN Unlimited, but that seems to be right back on speed. Will that be an issue for gaming? A standard 2Mbps all day when I know I can hit over 6 seems slow

So is Unlimited really sufficient for the gaming experience, and will the speeds generally be increased across the day when ADSL 2+ hits, which is apparently due for me by 30 Sept 2009?
Sorry this is a bit of a ramble round the subject, but I am getting confused by all the speed figures  Undecided
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Re: Which service to upgrade to for best speed

Easy answer - Unlimited is absolutely fine for gaming unless you have multiple users all trying to game at one on your connection when 2Mbps may cause problems.
In practice the main difference is that on Pro all traffic is gold so any game which doesn't have a signature will be fine whereas on Unvlimited it won't be until the signature is added.
For ADSL2 speeds - nobody knows yet as Plusnet aren't saying
P.S. - moved to Community Support
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Re: Which service to upgrade to for best speed

Ta for the swift response & ditto for the correcting move