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Which router is best for my line?

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Which router is best for my line?

I've been doing a lot of research into a new router.  Currently on a D-link DSL-2640R but I'm getting regular drop offs and I suspect the router because only re-booting it seems to bring the connection back.
My profile info on the router is:
Status: Showtime

Downstream         Upstream
Rate (Kbps): 12748 kbps 440 kbps

SNR Margin (dB): 11.6 24.0
Attenuation (dB): 26.0 12.9
Output Power (dBm): 0.0 11.3

Super Frames: 29597 29602
RS Correctable Errors: 8151 0
RS Uncorrectable Errors: 0 65504

HEC Errors: 0 0
Total Cells: 37161 49130
Data Cells: 37080 311259
Bit Errors: 0 0

I've tried two different other routers.  Draytek 2820, slower speeds and the wireless kept dropping.  Netgear N150 DSL1000 but that didn't work with the PS3 but it did have the fastest line speed of the three.
So far I'm really close to buying the Billion 7800 in either N flavour as an all-in-one or just the 7800 non-n version as just a modem and adding a separate wifi router.  The Broadcom chipset seems to be the most reliable, if not always the fastest.  I'd rather have reliability than bleeding edge speed though.  I do keep looking at the TP-Link TD-W8960N which uses the same chipset and is the best part of £100 cheaper but then I keep thinking the Billion 7800 modem and the TP-Link TL-WR1043ND would be a better combination.
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Re: Which router is best for my line?

Without claiming to be an expert,  I swear by (rather than at) my Billion 7800n. Currently have up time of over 100 days & the wifi signal is so much better than my previous Netgear.