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Where's my Router ?

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Where's my Router ?

I upgraded to Fibre on 6th Sept 2016 had confirmation that

'Your broadband product change is now complete'

of the Tue 13/09/2016 02:08


Question is where is my Fibre router to acquire the new service and when are you taking payment from me? Do your terms and conditions allow you to take the Fibre broadband payment before you have given me the chance to receive the service? As you will be aware these differences of a week or two also matter during cancellation time when Plusnet will make a month or two of premium rate charges when my promotions end.

Are there justifiable explanations for these differences in timings?

Look forward to a response from a person who knows.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Where's my Router ?

Hi there,


We are seeing an issue affecting some customers at the moment where the change in product is happening separately to the broadband service being activated.


The dispatch of the router is tied into the latter and we dispatch them a few days prior to the activation date.


In your case the service is being activated on the 21st and the router was dispatched on the 17th.


I do apologise for any confusion all the same as that's completely understandable.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Where's my Router ?

My service is starting in a week's time. I've not received the router yet - please advise

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Re: Where's my Router ?

See adamwalker's reply above.  My router arrived on a Friday and my internet service commenced on the following Tuesday as planned, so it looks like routers are dispatched to arrive four calendar days before the service is supposed to start.