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What to expect - FTTC install

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What to expect - FTTC install

On Wednesday I'm getting my up to 40mb connection set up.  Cheesy Seems miles away from the 512kbs I was drooling over 10 years ago! Anyway, what should I expect next Wednesday? Does someone come in and do something? Should I have the modem (which arrived in 2 days!) ready and waiting?
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Re: What to expect - FTTC install

You should have a router, not a modem!  The BT engineer will bring the modem.
Normally the BT engineer will call you to say he is on the way and that your telephone line will go dead for a short while, I believe they do this when at the cabinet where they have to make the connection from the FTTC 'line' to your telephone line.  The engineer will then come and fit a new faceplate on your master socket (assuming it's a standard NTE5), plug in a tester and if all is well he will connect the modem (needs a 13A power socket) then the router can be connected to the modem and a short while later you should be connected.
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