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What has changed recently?

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What has changed recently?

I have been with Plus Net for a number of years now, and about 5 in the current house.  All has been working well until the last couple of months when it all seems to have gone to pot.

I have had periods of no internet and the current service seems to unreliable and slow, meaning that I cannot do many of the things that until recently I took for granted, such as watching iPlayer.

I have queried the problem, but feel fobbed off with the answers, which even included telling me I had been put on a worse service to make it more stable, even though it used to work fine.

At the moment I am feeling frustrated enough to think about going elsewhere, except for the fact that I suspect anybody else will be just as bad.

What has changed with the service?  Has the mobile launch drawn all the good resource away from supporting broadband?

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Re: What has changed recently?

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums, sorry that we've left a bad impression on you.

Apart from a disconnection last night, your connection has been pretty consistent for the last couple of weeks at least.



However, I'm aware that a fault had been raised prior to the 19th. During this fault, we made a change (raising your SNR) to ensure that your connection remained stable. This could potentially have had a minor detriment to your speeds, however you should still easily be able to stream with your connection. Are you using a wired or a wireless connection to stream?


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Re: What has changed recently?


Thanks for the reply.  We are trying to stream to a tv wirelessly.  This used to work, but now frequently buffers.  We had to change the router during the troubleshooting for the initial problems and the new router may be rubbish (is the Plus Net technicolor one particularly good?).

We have also been having problems getting some devices to connect generally, although I think this has improved.