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Well that didn't work out

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Registered: ‎24-03-2010

Well that didn't work out

Thanks Joanne for trying to get me a higher speed.
Trouble was I had no connection whatsoever for the better part of a week, missed the chance to have a webchat with our daughter and grandson over the Easter break, most inconvenient.
What I want to know, if someone at Plusnet can tell me, is why can I not have a 1mb fixed line speed? I have been told I can have either 0.5mb, which is way below what my line will take, or 2mb which is far above what my line will stand. Who decides I can't have something in between? Is it BT or is it Plusnet? Can someone please tell me!
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Re: Well that didn't work out

Hi farnorth,
Thanks for your time on the phone today. As discussed it's probably better to stay on Max as your current IP profile is 1000k.
Jojo Smiley