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WNDR4000 and DG834G (Modem Only) - Stats from Modem

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WNDR4000 and DG834G (Modem Only) - Stats from Modem

Evening all,
Okay so I have a DG834G and a WNDR4000 working together (perfectly). Three or four weeks ago, something happend to the DG834G (failure I think). I had another one which i dumbed down to modem mode like the original, switched off wireless and done. Working perfectly.
I wanted to set up the router so that I can view the router stats without directly connecting my laptop to the router (so connecting Port 2 of the modem to the router and getting stats like that). Can I do this? I remember reading something on a forum that said its possible, tried it and i ended up getting nowhere!
Is that possible? Just want to see line attenuation & statistics as ive been doing speedtests at night (like 12am and 2am) and my speed goes down to around 0.6 meg! (Normal speed is around 3.5meg).
(I would play around with the router and modem myself but Im not going to have time to breathe until June 29th due to a million GCSE exams  Grin )
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Re: WNDR4000 and DG834G (Modem Only) - Stats from Modem

I posted this under a different username in response to a thread you made a couple of months ago:
Quote from: Gigabit have to set the IP address of the DG834G to be in the same address range as the WNDR4000 (e.g. 192.168.0....) but make sure it is out of the range of the IP addresses that the router assigns (I believe the default is - and give it an IP address out of that range. You need to connect another ethernet cable to the second port on the DG834G and connect it to the WNDR4000 and you should be able to access it.

Let us know how you get on Smiley.