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View My Usage / Background Usage

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View My Usage / Background Usage

I haven't used my connection for the past couple of weeks as I've been away. I've just logged into my Plusnet account and used the View My Usage tool and I can see the tiny amounts of background traffic to the router every day since I left home - except for the past 3 days it is showing as 0kb on both peak and off peak usage. Could this indicate a problem with the connection? I have no way of checking until I get home but I don't want to return to a faulty connection, is there any way I or Plusnet can check remotely? It seems strange that there is no usage at all for the past three days - there's almost always background traffic to the router even when the connection isn't being used
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Re: View My Usage / Background Usage

Doesn't appear to be anything wrong with your connection, it's up and running at the moment.

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 Chris Parr
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