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Very slow connection - potential fault. Info included

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Very slow connection - potential fault. Info included



I have ADSL broadband from Plusnet which is supposed to be upgraded to Fibre Extra on at the exchange 2 April (according to BT's DSL checker). But I'm concerned there is a line fault either way, and working from home with one other person in the house has become very difficult. Please could the potential fault be looked into?


I followed the steps in this pinned thread:

- Result of a BT Wholesale speedtest just now: Download speed 0 Mbps(!!), Upload speed 1.02 Mbps

- Router stats (TP-Link Archer VR900):

  • Sync speed (Current Rate) (kbps) - Upstream: 443 Downstream: 16419
  • Line Attenuation(dB)- Upstream: 9.5 Downstream: 15.5
  • SNR Margin(dB) - Upstream: 30.6 Downstream: 3.1
  • Errors(pkts) - Upstream: 0 Downstream: 7

I notice there are some downstream errors recorded there.


I have also run periodic speed tests on which return download speeds of between 0.6 and 1.96 Mbps and upload speeds of between 0.26 and 0.33 Mbps.

Another note is that I can only check via wifi because my laptop has no ethernet cable socket. However it is a new 2019 Macbook Pro and problems persist whether I use my Plusnet router or my TP Link one so I doubt hardware is the problem.


I'd really appreciate some help here! Working from home is very difficult as I have to make video calls a lot and they keep on lagging and dropping. I'm worried that reduced speeds will continue even when Fibre Extra starts.


Many thanks!