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VPN Connection

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VPN Connection

Hi all,
I have recently switched to Plusnet from the totally useless talk talk.
The main reason i thought for this was better support on the phone, unfortunately this doesnt seem to be the case and I have been pointed in this direction so I am hoping someone can help.
Basically I use a VPN to access everything for work so without it I am working totally blind (which is impossible). This is not working since the switch over. I am not that great with computers but can do basic bits so looking for any advice you can give me to get this working.
My firewall has been adjusted which makes no difference at all.
I dont really want to start with new routers etc as I have finally got my vodafone sure signal working with this router TG582n and so want to get this going if poss?
thanks all
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Re: VPN Connection

There seem to have been a number occasions where people struggle with VPN's and the TG582. Given that you've got the SureSignal working and that uses a VPN then that seems to indicate that you don't need some of the more basic 'tweaks' to get VPN's working.
I would suggest that you start with the
connection unbind application=ESP
command from here
If that doesn't fix it then try the
connection unbind application=IKE port=500-500
as well. Don't forget the saveall in both cases to make any changes permanent.
You will need to Telnet into the router to execute those commands