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VERY slow broadband

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Registered: ‎09-09-2015

VERY slow broadband

664 kbps downloads and 84kbps uploads .......was getting 4/5mbps with BT infinity a month ago......was told this was available with PN....obviously not .Been on PN chat  and phone lines ...did all the things suggested ...moved router ...router channels...ethernet cables etc.....still slow to stop most of the time.
BT cabinet on pavement right outside my house which is in a one street village & exchange 1 mile away. Tried to raise a technical fault on line was told this was
unavailable on my service. Please help before I move my service provider.
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Re: VERY slow broadband

I thought BT Infinity was a Fibre based broadband - Do you still have Fibre? If so you have posted in the wrong section.