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User-unfriendly failed billing & payment detail issues

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Re: User-unfriendly failed billing & payment detail issues

I am fortunate, I have not had any of these problems with my account with plusne. However, a similar situation arises on papal, when your card expires, you are required to "add another card". The process of changing/adding a card may seem "pretty obvious" to the person who designs the page, and he knows where he/she wants you to go to on the page, the path is in his/her mind.  The problem is when we get to use the map, we can`t see it, and therefore loose our direction, in the case of the "add card" instruction.... this is what I call "minimising" on the information to save time and space.    Like painted roadsigns,  how many of your local roads have an area name with 5 letters in, and the road is painted with four and an apostrophe for the missing letter?    e.g.  local to me is  COSHAM    the roundabout nearby is painted  C`SH`M    fine for the locals,  but a stranger to the area has no idea where  C`SH`M is.....
as mentioned, "add card" is used on paypal, and like the OP on this forum, I thought it meant "add another card"....

Moral of the story ..... when you get your programmers to write a page, or pages, for the new failed payments system,.  Chuck away the original, open a new pack of A4, and draw a proper plan, then put CLEAR AND BOLD signs along the way..... you could even join them together with a red line, that changes to green as each section is completed, then if the customer has missed something, they can see where.
Or am I being too simplistic?    K  I    S    S      was the american motto during the war, when building the sherman tank...... KEEEP    IT    SIMPLE    STUPID ....