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Usage stats came and went

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Usage stats came and went

I stopped being able to see usage stats last August and despite two queries I was told there was no estimate of the date the issue would be fixed. Last week, the stats returned and for 5 or 6 days I could keep  a track of my usage again.
Now my billing period has rolled over and the stats have disappeared.
Same problem as before - I get the "Sorry, there's nothing to show at the moment." message.
Is this problem fixed or was it just an aberration that allowed me to see the stats for a few days? Only it's very irritating being on a capped service and not being able to see your usage using the ISP-supplied monitoring tool.
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Re: Usage stats came and went

The only option you have at the moment if you are worried about going over your allowance is to continually raise tickets asking for your usage to date.
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