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Uploading makes internet unusable

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Uploading makes internet unusable

Recently switched to PlusNet and did not previously have this issue. If I upload a large file (say 1gig to YouTube) - this stops me being able to browse the web or do anything until the file has finished uploading. I know there will be some slow down but I should still be able to get some download speed and access webpages! I use to have no issue uploading files and browsing the web, so this has only started since I switched.
Any suggestions of router settings or anything I could try?
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Re: Uploading makes internet unusable

You could show us your ADSL stats to check your upload speed isn't 448k, in which case Plusnet would need to uncap your upstream speed if you're on a WBC / 21CN enabled exchange. Then the uploading wouldn't take so long, although it wouldn't fix the problem either.
Apart from that, assuming you switched to the Plusnet 2704N router, then it's a known issue with the current Plusnet router. Well, known to me, although I've not seen any acknowledgement from Plusnet that they've added it to their list of things to get fixed in the firmware for this router. If your previous router isn't locked to your previous provider, you could use that instead.