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Upload speeds

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Upload speeds

I recently had my upload speed uncapped, which i hoped would help a lot...but...i cant seem to run more than one thing without getting signed out of something, or it running slow.
Ive checked my speeds....
My upload speed has increased slightly since being uncapped. I dont really know much about speeds and all that! But i do know that my upload speed isnt enough for my internet to handle being on a video call while playing minecraft!
Even when just using a video call, the connection isnt good, there are a lot of sound drop outs, the picture quality of my webcam is very poor. If i open a web page while on video call, the connection goes poor, my webcam image is pretty much non existent, and it often disconnects the call. When playing minecraft, the connection is even worse, to the point where i can only use one or the other, otherwise the game lags a LOT!
Nothing else is running on my laptop, i exit everything that i can to make sure i am only running what i need to.
I do not use the wifi, i am connected via ethernet.
Is there anything i can do to improve this, is there something wrong with my line?
Any help would be appreciated!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Upload speeds

Hi there,
I've just run some diagnostics which don't show any obvious causes for this, what results are you seeing on a speedtest?
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team