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Upload speed

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Upload speed

Having migrated from Waitrose to PlusNet this week and having got our ADSL back yesterday late morning following a problem at the exchange requiring BT to reaplce their hardware......
We now seem to have an interesting problem with upload speeds in the 10's of K/bits rather than the usual 300-350Kbps. Interestingly the download side seems higher than before - nearer 6Mbps than 5.5...  Huh
Now I know it's asymmetric, but why would the upload be soooo squeezed to such a narrow "band" allowing only 10's of Kbits compared to 100's before. Uploading *anything* is a nightmare (even sending an email looks like dialup days) and running any of the tests out there look as though they've died when it comes to the upload test part.
BT also checked out the line and confirmed all ok yesterday.
We are on the PN Pro package and the Draytek 2800vg router (ADSL Firmware Version: E.38.2.23) stats are now:
Up: 448 / Down: 7616
SNR: 9.0
Loop attentuation: 22
Thanks in anticipation o.  Smiley
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Re: Upload speed

Your sync speeds look fine (assuming you're on ADSL1), and from your attenuation figure it looks like you're reasonably close to your exchange. If your actual download speed is OK (and a real throughput of around 6mb/s is about right for that sync speed and the appropriate IP profile, then it's hard to know what's slowing your upload.
Could you maybe post the results of a couple of broadband speed tests? (The standard Plusnet one is via the Connection Settings part of your control panel.) I'd advise doing the test a couple of times in quick succession just in case you have the same issue as I do - the upload speed doesn't get reported correctly the first time.
(Oh, and welcome to the forums!)
Graham (T)