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Unplayable game lag with consistently low ping

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Registered: ‎02-01-2018

Unplayable game lag with consistently low ping

I have been with Plusnet for 2 weeks and previously was a BT customer for around 7 years without one internet problem other than the customer support being dreadful. However, switching from BT to Plusnet my ping has remained 28ms average and I'm still getting the exact same speeds which are great because it's half the price but I'm getting lag in every single game and my ping and internet speed remains consistent.

After much investigating, I found I'm getting huge packet loss of around 90% when playing games. This is the only difference so far from what I can see from BT to Plusnet in my connection. The packet loss is coming from the Sheffield server and I know before previously I never had packet loss I've never experienced this type of lag before and can see from the Plusnet forums other people have had this problem.

I've tried contacting customer support and I can safely say they have been so far worse than BT customer support. Ignorant and extremely unhelpful. I've even been hung up on over the phone because I tried explaining this problem and I would like it to be fixed because games are currently unplayable.

If this problem was to be fixed I'd extremely grateful and I know this would help other people out. Attached, a few packet loss photos.

Thanks Smiley