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UPnP action

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UPnP action

I have recently started seeing a great number of reports in the router log saying "UPnP action 'AddPortMapping' from ip= (Success)" I have no idea what it means. The router is the Thompson 585v8. I have just started using a new laptop. I do no gaming at all. I have no sky box etc. My interconnection has not dropped for 30 days according to the router.
I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me as to what is happening. I think I can disable UPnP in the router.Is it worth doing it?
Thanks for any help.
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Re: UPnP action

Hi Salmo,
This is an application on your internal network (perhaps on your PC) asking for the router to forward an external port to your internal PC (port forwarding).
There is more information here:
I'd not recommend disabling this as it will prevent a lot of things from working.