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Two weeks and still no plusnet service

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Registered: ‎19-04-2013

Two weeks and still no plusnet service

We ordered Plus Net 2 weeks or so ago and we have spent hours trying to connect.  We phoned Plus Net and had to wait and wait.  They made us seem like idiots but they could not get on, blamed the router and then sent us another.
Last Friday we tried again but got nowhere, phoned Plus Net and again they could not get us connected, kept being passed around and then being told that they will phone us back in 2 minutes.  After a bit in between one of these 2 minutes I made luncheon for 3 people and in another 2 minutes consumed it.  Finally when speaking to someone he noticed that there were trying to connect to the wrong phone number.  At that they told us that it will be next Friday before we can be connected.  That today.  Guess what, we are still waiting for the CALL.
But its OK because I have an email this morning telling me that now we have been with them for 2 weeks out broadband speed is up from the estimated 6Mb to 21Mb.
I tested my broadband speed on three site this morning and the results are download 3Mb upload 0.3MB
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Two weeks and still no plusnet service

Hi there,
I'm sorry you weren't called, however the ticket was sent back yesterday advising that there's already a service on the new line and that in order to move it over to us we need a MAC? Please let us know if this was left by the previous occupants and you're unable to get one, and we'll see what we can do to move things on.
Really sorry about the way this has gone so far.