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Trying to move to Plusnet.......

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Registered: ‎21-06-2013

Trying to move to Plusnet.......

I am hoping someone here can help me migrate from Bethere to PlusNet
Currently have BE ADSL2 service and our phoneline is with BT
I placed an order 12 days ago, using my MAC from BE and also choose to move the phoneline to PlusNet to save a bit more
I received today as the install date for the BT engineer and no one turned up, I call PlusNet to be informed that BT cancelled my order, but no notification of this so that I waste an entire afternoon off work
The only reason given was an open product on the line.
Could someone please help me leave BE, get PlusNet fibre service and telephone?
I now have another MAC code from BE, do I also need to call them and cancel my service?
I cannot be without an internet connection as it will affect me working from home and my children doing their homework etc..
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Trying to move to Plusnet.......

Hi Andy,
Welcome to our community forums.
Would you be able to pop your new MAC key on ticket ticket 71062632, you can access that here.
Once you've doesn't that we'll place your order and monitor this to make sure it's going through the correct process.
Once we've submitted your MAC key this will notify BE that we're taking over the service.