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Transfer BT Infinity -> Plusnet

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Transfer BT Infinity -> Plusnet

I just completed the BT->Plusnet switch this morning.
Slight hiccup as the BT disconnection worked smoothly, but somehow the Plusnet activation didn't happen properly.
I rang service (20 min wait) and they sorted it during the call (about 5 to 10 mins?).
Using the Plusnet router right now as I switched around when the connection did't work; I'll probably switch back to HH3.
Basically things went as expected apart from that:
1) The modem is showing an unbroken DSL level connection; from BT working to nothing to Plusnet working.
2) Plusnet download speed is lower as I went from Infinity 2 to the Plusnet 40/20 package; around 38Mbps as I expected.
3) Upload is the same at 18.5Mbps
4) Ping is improved; bbc ping down from 29ms to 19ms. BT had absurd routing for everything Winchester->Sheffield->London which added around 9ms.
I hope that interleaving will be removed soon (DLM put it in last weekend), if so I expect bbc ping to reduce to around 10ms. I have seen before that 8ms delay on the stats seems to add marginally above 8ms to ping times.
Browsing feels marginally faster on Plusnet so far; but I suspect a placebo effect rather than anything real!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Transfer BT Infinity -> Plusnet

Hi sjptd,
Thanks for taking the time to post and for sharing your experience of the switch over!
Glad to see you've maid a few other posts so please do stick around on Community Smiley
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 Adam Walker
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