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The future of Broadband Limits?

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Re: The future of Broadband Limits?

With the Internet, once you're connected then you or the server you're connecting to are generating the data, and it is sent along a pre-existing network. So using more of it doesn't actually cost more to anyone.

Not correct. Every packet of data costs money to get to you. It's not free to set up and run an ISP's infrastructure and bandwidth costs every ISP money. The more you use the more it costs, just like electricity or gas.
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Re: The future of Broadband Limits?

I suppose strictly he is correct, once the infrastructure is there you don't actually need extra providing speed is of no concern. An ISP could run a million users on a single 1GB host link - providing their users were happy to wait around an hour for each web page to load!
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Re: The future of Broadband Limits?

This is going to become more of a hot potato in coming years, if not months.  Firefox have launched a phone that is "always on (the internet)".  It has been marketed the most in "poorer" parts of the World..  Yet I'd assume that in this country you could only have it on a pricey unlimited contract/PAYG plan in order to handle to data?
Can you imagine if they invented ordinary radio now? Would we have to pay for that in hours and minutes of listening and the amount of information "transmitted" each day?  The more you think about the costs of data streaming the more ridiculous it seems.  Before long, some Freddie Laker type will come along and just offer it all for free anyway and cause chaos in the industry.  Showing that the Emperor really doesn't have any clothes on!
We can but hope.