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Tester TG582n same firmware but incompatible configs?

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Tester TG582n same firmware but incompatible configs?

I was sent a tester router to rule out an issue with my current TG582n, my current router has 8.4.4.J and the tester I got also had the same firmware.  So I uploaded a backup of my current routers setup to it and it locked up.
It wouldn't accept any lan connections and couldn't be pinged.  Hardware differences between batches affecting the config?
I did a factory reset and uploaded it again with the same result.
Note I never changed the IP address of the router and use the default 192.168.1.X for my pc's and laptop same as the router came with
edit: forgot to say yes it was After the initial 15 mins when it does its remote setup when I changed the config via the backup
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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Tester TG582n same firmware but incompatible configs?

Hi Gus,
I'm not sure why that might be happening. Can you try a factory rest and configuring it manually please?
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 Adam Walker
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