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Tech Info for Broadcom based Routers/Modems

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Tech Info for Broadcom based Routers/Modems

After some problems with my BB connection which were resolved by the purchase of a new router, investigations using the tools at hand gave rise to a number of questions, discussed here.
I've never been content with just having a piece of equipment that works, I have a "need to know" how and understand what it's telling me. After trawling the interweb I've manged to come up with some of the answers to my own questions and I thought I would share for those that have similar hardware.
Many of the Broadcom based router/modems report as part of the adsl stats a Retrain Reason, with a numerical code, which will tell you why the equipment rebooted itself, or rather why the line dropped.
These are those codes and meanings:

Los Detector                   0
Rdi Detector                   1
Negative Margin                2
Too Many Us FEC                3
CReverb1 Misdetection          4
Teq Dsp                        5
Ansi Tone Power Change         6
Ifft Size Change               7
Rack Change                    8
Vendor Id Sync                 9
Target Margin Sync            10
Tone Ordering Exception       11
Command Handler               12
Dsl Start Physical LayerCmd   13
Unknown                       14
G992 Failure                  15
Ses                           16
Co Min Margin                 17

Some of them are quite clear in meaning and although less cryptic than just a number, I expect my quest is not yet at an end  Wink
Looking at my lastet stats it details a Retrain Reason of 8000, uh! I expect this to be some kind of default such as "User Initiated" as the last reboot was initiated by myself.
If nothing else, it will give you some idea as to why your line dropped when it did.
Edit: Removed gateway references  Wink
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Re: Tech Info for Broadcom based Gateways

That's handy information Graham, well done. I started to research some of this after various points that came up in the other thread but never completed it, too many balls in the air again - another round tuit job  Huh  Do you know if those codes apply to all Broadcom chipsets or just specific (later/latest) ones?
Personally I don't like the use of the term Gateway when referring to Modem/Routers as I think it causes confusion with Gateways used in the network (that was my initial thought seeing the title).
The irritating thing about some modem/routers is they do not report all the data available about the connection and it's a firmware related problem. Sometimes extra information can be gleaned by telnetting - that's another round tuit job I started over a year ago  Roll eyes
I'll leave you to see what other info you can dig up  Wink