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TGN582N -Firmware update?

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TGN582N -Firmware update?

Can someone tell me if it is possible to update the firmware on the above router. I do not have the option to turn off wifi to anyone using the Internet in my home, namely my children if they are on the Internet when they shouldn't be. Also, my speed is fluctuating like a mad thing and it is very frustrating as well as drop outs even after a BT engineer replaced the cable coming into my home.
My ipad speed can be completely horrendous, and there is no way to change the settings from n to g in the wifi setup. These features are clearly available according to the manufacturers website and in the documentation for this make and model of router.
If not, I am contemplating using my own router as I am locked into 2.4ghz and the option to change it would be nice,
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Re: TGN582N -Firmware update?

see,114824.0.html lots of information and good advice - read it right through, the firmware is now full release
Edit: note this is for models with a USB port only, if you have a ADSL modem/router without USB then version 10.2.2.B is the only available upgrade.