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TG582n Router

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TG582n Router

Hi all, looking for some help.
I'm trying to connect a Xbox to LiNK and am having trouble port forwarding.
Could anyone help with the following.
How to enable UPNP
How to open ports 3071 and 3072 for both TCP/UDP
When I try and connect I get the following.
UPNP Status : UPNP Enabled Router Not Found
Data Port Status : Port: 3072 TCP: Fail UDP: Fail
Broadcast Port Status : Port: 3071 TCP: Fail UDP: Fail
I'm useless at anything to do with the router and can only let you know what it shows on screen
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
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Re: TG582n Router

go into the router's setup pages,
there's an option under LAN to enable UPNP, don't forward any ports to start off with, save the settings and restart  the router, then try connecting to link with the xbox, try getting away without using port forwarding (its should work with UPNP enabled without the need to create specific rules)
the Thompson routers tend not to play very well if you inadvertently cross over port ranges even when forwarding all to the same device
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