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TG582N for use on Xbox360?

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TG582N for use on Xbox360?

Hi, I've got a TG582N going spare and was wondering if it could be used to connect an Xbox360 to the internet. Up to now, I've had the Xbox connected to the wireless ADSL router via an ethernet cable and that worked great. However, I've now put the xbox into a different room and don't want to stretch the ethernet cable that far.
So, can I recommission the TG582N so that the Xbox connects to it via an ethernet cable and the wirelessly to the main router? I've read a few posts on similar subject and had a few goes at configuring it, but no success so far.
Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: TG582N for use on Xbox360?

Hi there,
That's the sort of thing that's generally much easier to do with powerline adapters rather than wireless, you'll probably end up with a better connection that way in all honesty. Having said that there probably is a way to turn the 582n into a wireless bridge but it'd involve a fair bit of messing about with telnet and the router's CLI - though there are some on here more knowledgeable in that area.