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TD-W8970, Questions regarding line speed.

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TD-W8970, Questions regarding line speed.

I have recently purchased a TP-Link TD-W8970 ADSL2+ Router.  My previous router was the TG582n which was acting as a 100Mbs bottleneck between 300Mbs WiFi and Gigabit network!
Initially I had problems with the TD-W8970 router as it kept loosing connection.  I found the main culprit of this was an HDMI cable, that was in close proximity of my phone line, (The TG582n didn't seem to have a problem with this!).  I was still having problems with occasional loss for about a week (Some of these were known network problems), though my connection now seems to have settled down with no line losses.
Now for the questions?
I have noticed that the router reports an Upstream Max Rate of 1100Kbps, with my Current Rate being 440Kbps.  I've noticed on this forum that many users are having their upstream rate de-capped.  Should this be possible?
My Download line speed is now slower than it was, as it's now about 5.6Mbps as opposed to about 5.9Mbps when I was using the TG582n.  I realise that line speed does vary and that it could just be that variation that is causing the discrepancy.  However, could I have accidentally Banded myself in the process of fault finding the dropouts and the simultaneous network problems that were also causing dropouts?  Should I be requesting a line reset?
I have asked both these questions via Plusnet Support, and after 5 days of waiting, have been told the following!
"In regards to the upstream you are receiving, you are currently reaching the highest upstream available on the package you are on (Unlimited ADSL)."
"I have also checked your profile and can see that the connection is running at the correct rate and there do not appear to be any issue's with this."
I would be grateful for some feedback (esp regarding upstream rate) before I reply back to support.
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Re: TD-W8970, Questions regarding line speed.

Hi and welcome to the Forums Smiley
You are quite right with regards to your upstream, this can be uncapped and I've placed an order for this to be done for you. You should notice an increase in the early hours of tomorrow morning. (I'll update Ticket: 83810648 to reflect this).
With regards to banding - yes, again, you're spot on with that: WBC 3M - 6M - this means that your line is banded between 3Mb-6Mb and shouldn't be able to sync higher than 6656kbps (Not sure how yours has!) I'm not going to reset the line right now as, if I do that whilst you're still on a capped upload service, it is possible that when the order completes overnight that the line training artificially caps your upload speeds again - so we'll get this done tomorrow to ensure that doesn't happen.
With regards to the initial response you received from our Support Team - I've fed this back already and we'll make the agents manager aware of this - sorry about that.
I hope this is a better answer for you!