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Super Slow Steady Speed for the past 2 weeks. ID: 92319814

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Super Slow Steady Speed for the past 2 weeks. ID: 92319814

I have been having major issues for the past couple of weeks, I believe this may have been caused by a number of power cuts in the area of Horsham (exchange is the carfax) Which may have caused the speed to somehow become throttled. I seem to always get 3.4mbps - 3.6mbps every speed test, day and night, no matter how often I do a restart of routers/modems, the speed seems to stay the slow inconsistent speed. The upload speed is a good 17-18mbps. The download speed we were getting was close to 60mbps.
I have tried various computers/OS's/Wired and Wireless. And have raised with Plusnet ID: 92319814
What are the likely scenario's? We have also been having a few drop outs lately as well.
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Re: Super Slow Steady Speed for the past 2 weeks. ID: 92319814

Hi rich2014,
Sorry to hear that you're seeing issues with the speed, I can see that the support ticket has been raised with the faults team and this is undergoing testing as we speak.
With regards to the details you've provided, there could well be a clue in there which is either the cause or possibly a hindrance in getting the speed back to where it should be and this is rebooting the modem/router.
Fibre broadband can be very reactive when it comes to disconnections and this will result in DLM becoming active on the line which will see disconnections as a possible fault and then reduce the speed of the connection in order to maintain the connection. While this may not have been the initial cause of the speed problem, it could well be the reason that the speed is being held back.
It is important to never restart the Fibre modem where possible and if you do need to restart the Plusnet router, it is always best to log into the admin page and hit disconnect before powering it down.
Moving forward I would let the faults team progress with the fault to see if there is any further issue with the line or broadband service and once they have a good picture back from the testing and diagnostics, they should be able to give you an idea on when this will be resolved.