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Suggestion for sync tracking app.

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Suggestion for sync tracking app.

I was just thinking that Plusnet could devise an "app" for their ADSL2+ customers to track the router sync. rate and report in every little while.  The data could be used to update the Plusnet IP Profile to match the BT one (which instantly tracks the sync rate on ADSL2+).  If the app fails to report in for some time then Plusnet could revert to their BT-supplied data - which can be several days out of date.
This app would supply Plusnet with up-to-date information and so make their traffic management, which relies on this data, better and more accurate.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Suggestion for sync tracking app.

I Like the idea, but the implementation would mean a lot of extra kit being introduced onto the network as we don't actively track actual synch speeds.
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 Adam Walker
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