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Sudden big drop in IP profile.

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Sudden big drop in IP profile.

My IP profile has remained steady at 2500 Kb/s for many  months,  but has suddenly dropped this morning (10 March 2011) to 1250 Kb/s although my ethernet modem is still synching at 3776 Kb/s.
At the end of last month I changed over from my old PAYG account to Plusnet Extra and it could have been this which caused the sudden drop but a recent Plusnet service statement informed me that Plusnet router maintenance was planned for this morning  so I think this is more likely to have  been the cause, especially as I now notice that my connection was dropped and reconnected at 7.15 this morning.
Do I now have to put up with this slwow speed for the next few days while my profile resets itself or is there something Plusnet can do to get me back to normal more quickly?
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Re: Sudden big drop in IP profile.

An account change would not cause a re-sync and the router maintenance was between 2am-4am so the drop wouldn't be due to that, but it is the one at 7.15 that caused the profile to drop, so I'm afraid you will have to wait for the DLM to pick up the new profile from your current sync rate.
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