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Such slow speeds the service is worse than useless

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Such slow speeds the service is worse than useless

Only been with PN for 2 weeks and its been 2 weeks of hell. Phoned & kept on hold, been fobbed off, gone on online chat & asked to jump through hoops just to be able to use my broadband. Had BB for years with numerous other suppliers and never had a problem. 2 weeks with PN and non stop problems rendering all devices useless and so slow that we get fed up with them & no longer use. Made the mistake of paying 12 months upfront - £200 and now to be told I will have to pay a further £73 to leave is a joke. All I want is BB I can use - at a cost of £273 for less than 3 weeks of BB you should be wearing masks - its highway robbery. I would like to think this is a one off but looking at your forums I can see I am one of many complainers. Maybe if you dealt with faults properly and actually fixed the cause rather than fobbing customers off with what they are doing wrong you wouldn't have so many complaints. Just a thought.

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Re: Such slow speeds the service is worse than useless

Welcome to the forum. You have obviously had a bad start with Plusnet. 

The hoops you are being asked to jump through are essential if Plusnet are to diagnose your fault and hopefully make sure that it is reported to the correct division of BT

On this forum you will find Plusnet staff and fellow customers ready to assist but for this to work you need to explain your problem and what tests you have done.

Simply slagging off Plusnet might make you feal better but it won't get your broadband working properly.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Such slow speeds the service is worse than useless

Hi @gailgreen1339


As Baldrick1 said - welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear you've had issues regarding your initial relationship and service with us. 


I have looked into your account, read through the support tickets which have been left from your previous contacts and performed retests of your line in order to not base my reply on previous data. 


I can see that your line itself is very stable, showing minute drops in service (which is normal) and resets/power cycles. The physical stability does not give me any cause for concern at all - see the below RADIUS read out; 



In regards to your speeds and connection, I can see that your router is currently syncing within your Estimated Line Speeds. Our supplier has advised that this line should be capable of headlining between 5.5 - 12.5Mbps  and your router is currently connecting at just over 11Mbps, so towards to higher end of this range. 



  Upstream DSL Link Information Downstream DSL Link Information
Loop Loss: 22.5 38.0
SNR Margin: 5.8 5.8
Errored Seconds: 13 14
HEC Errors: 0  
Cell Count: 877 804
Speed: 1227 11103


Looking at the previous fault ticket was was raised on your account and worked over the past few days I can see that we have made you aware of this and the information is available for you to review again on this ticket. 


It seems as though you are experiencing issues relating to a wireless problem.


I would highly advise following the Wireless Diagnostic steps we provided you with on this ticket last week, however, I shalol include them in this reply as well for your convenience;



1) To connect to your Plusnet Hub Zero, you will need to open a browser and go to

If you have any issues doing this via Wireless, we recommend trying to do it via Ethernet cable instead.

2) Once you are connected, you will see the option that says 'Wi-Fi Network' with the name of your network followed by the 'Settings' button.

3) Please select 'Settings' and you will be asked to log in with the 'Router Password'. This password is found on the bottom of the router and is case sensitive. This password can also be found on the plastic card that came with the router.

4) The Channel is the key option that we need to look for, If this is on Auto then we will want to change this to one of the 13 channels listed on the drop down menu. This stage is all down to trial and error to find the best channel for you.

When you have changed the wireless channel, we suggest trying it for 3-4 hours to see if the issue persists before trying another channel.

I would recommend first trying channels 1, 6, and 11 to get a good indication of the best channel to use and if you continue to have issues you can narrow this down by going through channels 2 - 5 or 7 - 10.

Any Wireless channel is prone to interference and can be caused by a number of factors, changing this channel will usually resolve the issue, if problems are still persisting after this then it is likely that something else is causing the issue. Further help can be found here


Let us know how you get on 





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 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Such slow speeds the service is worse than useless


If the suggested actions don't help then you need to be aware that the wireless performane of a Plus Zero router is dire. You say you have been with other ISPs. If one of these was BT do you still have their router? If so it can be set up to work on your Plusnet account. You will find setting up instructions on the router board.