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Strange Presumption

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Strange Presumption

Why is it that every time I report a problem that the presumption of the helpdesk team is that it is MY problem?
I have not changed any settings, I have not changed the router I have done absolutely NOTHING.
Also, why, does it takes so long to get anything sorted (rhetorical question I suppose)
I reported a problem on 05 Feb 2015 and nobody got to it until 11 Feb 2015.  What took so long?
What is the point of conducting test SIX days AFTER i reported the problem?
Of course everything is now fine - the issue is now resolved without ME having to do anything.
What I need from you guys is a prompt response when I am experiencing the problem not after the event.
It's like going to the doctors once you have recovered.
Rant over
Many thanks
Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Re: Strange Presumption

Hi there,
We don't make any presumptions, we ask for a set of standard tests to try and mitigate the chance of an engineers fee should the fault get to that stage. 6 days is too long for us to pick this up, so I'm going to have a look into why it took so long.
Please let us know if the problem comes back and we can take a look from here.
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff