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Speed droped from a steady 7 MB to 1 MB

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Registered: ‎19-01-2009

Speed droped from a steady 7 MB to 1 MB

Good Morning. My download speed has dropped this week to an appalling 1MB after many months of  a steady 7 MB, Is this due to the current maintenance going on or have I another issue?
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Re: Speed droped from a steady 7 MB to 1 MB

Hi Visage,
It seems as though your connection speed temporarily dropped to around 1Mbps over the past few days, but has now returned to normal levels.  I'm not able to see exactly why the line speed dropped - did you make any changes to your internal setup/notice any Openreach engineers in the area etc.?
Anyway, the connection looks much better now so I've realigned your speed profile on our systems and your throughput speeds should increase back up to around 7Mbps in the next 10-20 mins.  If you don't see any improvement after this time, you may just need to end your current session via the router interface and then start a new session.  Feel free to let us know if you're still having issues after this.