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Something else new to support

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Re: Something else new to support

Quote from: Neil_A
Quote from: Blue
I have fond memories of f9 before the Plusnet takeover.

Hi there, F9 and PlusNet have always been the same company. In fact PlusNet was launched by F9. F9 and PlusNet are totally identical. Take a look at our 10 year history page:

Maybe not technically a takeover but if f9 started Plusnet, why did Plusnet become the dominant company?  In the past I have had friends on Plusnet telling me things about our service that were never published on the f9 site.  Links for tools or service announcements from f9 often point to Plusnet pages. I've checked the link provided and after Aug 2000 force9/f9 are never mentioned, only plusnet.  I have been an f9 customer for 8 years and have definitely noticed a difference between f9 and Plusnet, even if you continue to deny it to yourselves and your customers. 
My problem was that view my usage was showing all my usage since 1970.  My big problem was the lack of communication from f9 on this problem.  The quality of customer service was so bad I lost all faith in f9 and was concerned that if I had a big problem it would take forever to get sorted.  Anyway, it has been sorted now I have my mac.