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Slow tonight

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Slow tonight

Or is it just me?
Endless buffering. Not had that in a long time.
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Slow tonight

Was it just last night Matt? The network was busy and there's the odd grumble on Twitter but not a huge amount of noise. Was it Baumgartner's jump you were watching and if so how were you watching it - YouTube?
YouTube also set a new record yesterday with the number of people watching its live feed. Looking at the traffic across our Google links, one or two of them were close to, if not at, capacity which might explain what you were seeing?
Must admit, I had some buffering on the HD streams initially but I think that was flash getting itself into a tiff as I was running a pretty memory-intensive flash-based game via steam at the same time, downloading fairly heavily via a browser and a news client, chatting to somebody via steam chat and had my mail client and other applications running at the same time. Things were fine after I'd closed and restarted all the processes I had running.

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