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Slow download speeds on PC but not on Xbox...?

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Slow download speeds on PC but not on Xbox...?

Hi All,

So I apologise in advance if this topic has been brought up and dealt with a million times, but going from Virgin Fibre Optic to Plusnet non fibre has been quite a difficult transition for me.

So the advertised speed of the broadband was up to 17Mbs, but I understand that can be much lower and vary quite a bit in the first 10 days of activation.  So I got an email from Plusnet yesterday saying your actual line speed is 7.5Mbs and I thought okay that's not too bad.

I recently purchased Gears of War 4 for both PC and Xbox.  On my Xbox the download speed varied from about 3-5MB/s or at least that's what the Xbox was telling me.  However on my PC the download speeds never even got about 1MB/s quite often falling to half that.  For instance I had an update for Rainbow Six Siege the other night which was a GB, that took me roughly an hour to do Sad

I'm just trying to think what could be throttling my download speeds on my PC... I figured oh well if the Xbox is connected to the WiFi but my PC is through ethernet lets try connecting PC to the wireless.  Speedtest came up with much the same values, around 6MB down and 0.3 up but download speeds on my PC didn't change a bit so can't be that.  I always thought a wired connection was supposed to be faster than wireless but I seem to be the exception to the rule

I honestly am out of ideas given my limited knowledge of routers and internet so was hoping someone here might bea ble to talk me through the troubleshooting process so I don't have to wait an hour for every GB patch that comes out for R6 or any other game Cheesy

I don't know off the top of my head what details you require so please let me know and I will post them below

Thank you in advance for your time and help, oh and yes I have tried turning off the router and leaving it and turning it back on, no change at all.


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Re: Slow download speeds on PC but not on Xbox...?

Are you possibly mixing up speeds reported in bits per second, with speeds reported in bytes per second?

There are 8 bits in 1 byte, broadband speeds, speed test results (and network speeds in general) are usually given using units based on bits (kbps, Mbps). File download speeds, reported by a computer, are usually given in units based on bytes (kB/s, MB/s).

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Registered: ‎22-10-2016

Re: Slow download speeds on PC but not on Xbox...?

Aww man. Checking my Xbox it would appear you are correct and that the speed that I'm seeing at 5 is Mb rather than MB. Guess I'm just doomed to slow download speeds then.
Thanks for getting back to me and for clearing up the issue
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Re: Slow download speeds on PC but not on Xbox...?

It doesn't look like you're going to be able to get much more either I'm afraid. Your exchange only has an older technology and it doesn't look like there are any plans to alter this at the moment.


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