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Slow connection for wifi

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Slow connection for wifi

Since having fibre installed in May the speeds of both wired and wireless have been blisteringly fast (hovering around 46 - 48 down and 15-17 up). However all that changed in the last couple of days when pages were slow to respond and app updates on itunes for 7mb files were taking 3-4 minutes. This morning the wired side is back to its best but the wireless side is still what can only be described as woeful.
I am connecting an ipad2 and an iphone (thats if they connect at all) and the app updates take forever and web pages load very slowly if at all.
I have not touched anything since the installation - everything as it is when fitted.
Can anyone shed any light on it?
Many thanks
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Slow connection for wifi

It seems that your wireless conenction is possibly getting interfered with. I'd suggest first of all trying a diffent channel in your router(you can find out how to <a href="">here</a>), also installing inSSIDer or Wifi Stumbler will help you locate the best channel to use(they can also be found in the link provided).
I'd try these first and see how you go on.
Let me know if your still having issues.