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Slight problem with Postini

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Slight problem with Postini

Morning all,
I’ve come across a slight problem with the new spam filters, they are getting too good, not only are they stopping all the spam but also emails from BT Billing, and my bank and my credit card company. The mails are not arriving marked as –SPAM- just not arriving at all. In fact my legitimate mails have dropped from about 3 per day to one or none.
It seems from the ‘false posting’ thread this is by design, so how do I get these mails back? My bank and card company will not contact me because they think it might be a ‘hijack’ so can anyone come up with an idea to get round it? It sort of knocks on the head the idea of ‘paperless billing’ if the bills don’t arrive  Wink.
Regards, P.
Edit to add;
Also the forum email notifications seem to have stopped as well, (just checked, no service status messages from last Thursday either), its just like someone turned off the email tap.

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Re: Slight problem with Postini

From the other thread, I'm assuming the forum notifications are OK now? Regarding the other emails they will have been rejected if they were subject to Postini's Blatant Spam Blocking. I must admit that I'm a little concerned by the reports I've seen that things seem to be getting more aggressive. I'll make sure it's raised in the morning as we've made no changes that I'm aware of.

Bob Pullen
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