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Severe speed problem

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Severe speed problem

So i called yesterday as i have been having problems with billing. I had had an astronomical bill back in february which went unnoticed as I was still grieving the death of my wife from cancer.
Anyway. this problem led from the fact I was being charged for extra data. Despite checking initially to have my speed capped instead.
Everything seemed to be sorted yesterday. I was offered a years unlimited for a discounted rate by way of an apology. But told I wouldnt switch until the 28th and that I'd still have to pay this months data charges.
I though that was a bit rich. However to save the trouble of changing providers I accepted.

Now i find that my speed has been throttled. And not to a reasonable level either. It's completely unusable. It has taken me 20 minutes just to get to this page to post this message, worked out faster than the phone route (on hold).
Can someone please rectify this as I need to be online. I dont think It unreasonable that I have usable speed considering because of a mistake at  your end Ive paid the equivalent of 9 months unlimited in charges for data.
If i cant use the internet anyway for the next week I'd be as well going through the hassle of changing supplier

Thanks to whoever reads this & Merry Christmas
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Severe speed problem

Hi there,
I've just changed the account type now to save you having to wait. That should also reset the usage for the account and remove any restrictions.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team